Make every transaction count.

What if you could direct money to a cause you care about every time you pay for a purchase with your smartphone?

Now you can.

When you use the Cause Mobile Wallet app to make purchases at participating businesses, a percentage of the purchase amount is automatically donated to charity. So you can do something good every time you use your smartphone to pay.


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Create funding campaigns

Cause Mobile Wallet allows you to create powerful “crowd-funding” campaigns to raise money for any cause that you deem important. It’s simple, fast and easy to set up a campaign and broadcast it to friends and family via social media to give your campaign the support it needs to raise money. When your campaign has met your goals or deadline, the funds raised will be disbursed directly to your bank account for you to apply to your cause.

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Send and Receive Funds

The Cause Mobile Wallet app makes it easy to send and receive funds from anyone, anywhere using only an email address or a cell phone number. Simply move money from your bank account into the Cause Mobile Wallet and you can begin sending and receiving money at no charge to you. You can even use the app to make purchases at Cause Mobile Wallet enabled merchants, donate to charities or contribute to crowdfunding campaigns.

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