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Change your community, one transaction at a time. When you use Cause Mobile as your payment processor, we can help you make a bigger impact on the world around you while you focus on running your business. 10% of our processing fee goes back to the charity of your choice!


  • Simple, quick-to-install plugins
  • One low rate for all major credit cards
  • Give back to the charity of your choice
  • Offer customers more payment options

Cause Gateway Plugin

With the Cause Gateway Plugin, you can accept credit and debit card payments right on your website. After your customer has finished adding items to their cart, they continue checking out just as they would with any other payment processor.

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Cause Wallet Plugin

The Cause Wallet Plugin allows customers with a Cause Mobile Wallet account to use their wallet funds to pay for items on your website.

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How It Works

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The Cause Gateway and Cause Wallet Plugins are super easy to install and configure.

Banner photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

Download the Plugins

  1. Download the Cause Mobile Plugins for WooCommerce above
  2. Unzip and ftp the directory to the plugins folder or upload the .zip file using the Plugins upload tool. Once installed, you will be able to update the plugin through your plugin updates option.
  3. Once the Cause Mobile Wallet Payment Gateway and/or Cause Gateway is listed in your plugins list activate them.

Configure WooCommerce Settings

  1. Go to Woocommerce >> Settings >> Checkout >> Cause Mobile Wallet
  2. Enable Cause Mobile Wallet and/or Cause Gateway via the checkbox.
  3. For Cause Gateway: Enter your Cause Authorization Token
  4. For Cause Mobile Wallet: Enter your Cause Merchant ID
  5. Save Changes
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