Huntington Beach, CA — Nov 18, 2013 (Wall Street Journal) — Cause Mobile Wallet has chosen Waterfield Technologies in Tulsa, Oklahoma to develop their new payment application designed to give charities a sustainable flow of income. With the expanding power of emerging payments technology, Cause Mobile Wallet founders Brad Barton and Brian Kelly created an app that will allow for one percent of everything purchased to be directed to charity. Waterfield Technologies will develop the iOS version of Cause Mobile Wallet first, with an Android version to follow shortly after.

“Because the donations come from the merchant service fees, consumers pay nothing to support their favorite non-profit or charity with every purchase,” CEO Brad Barton says. “At the same time, merchants create a meaningful connection with their customers, who patronize those businesses that care about the same causes that they do. We chose Waterfield Technologies to develop Cause Mobile Wallet because of their vast experience with complex web and mobile applications.”

From the creativity of the customer facing look and feel, to the complex back-end interfacing required to seamlessly move funds across the globe, Waterfield Technologies delivers complete, ready for market, mobile applications for their clients. Waterfield Technologies has built apps for some of the largest companies, and leading brands in the United States.

“In addition to designing and developing Cause Mobile Wallet, we have partnered with leading payment firms to facilitate the end to end payments and distribution of funds to the featured charities,” Nik Renshaw Project Manager for Waterfield Technologies says.

“Unlike many of our competitors, all of our development takes place domestically.” Paul Marino, Director of Mobile Application Development for Waterfield Technologies says. “You could say we are a boutique developer focused on highly functional applications.”

“Regardless of project size, whether a project such as Cause Mobile Wallet, a large scale banking application or a smaller app, we deliver quality applications, on-time and on-budget,” Marino says. “We work in all kinds of mobile frameworks – iOS, Android, Windows, etc. – and ultimately focus on solving our clients business issues rather than the technology tools themselves.”

“To be successful and bring our concept to life, we knew we needed a world-class application developer. Waterfield Technologies fit our needs perfectly,” Cause Mobile Wallet COO Brian Kelly says. “With Waterfield’s expertise, this app allows consumers to seamlessly buy the things they purchase each day, and fund their favorite charity while they do it.”

About Cause Mobile Wallet

Cause Mobile Wallet gives charities what they’ve never had before – a sustainable flow of income! It’s not an event. It’s not a fund raiser. It’s not a one-time bump in giving. It is Cause Mobile Wallet. The ability to change the world with everything you buy.