Cause Mobile Wallet Payment Gateway

  • Download the Plugin(s)

    1. Download the relevant Cause Mobile Plugin(s) for Woocommerce from the download buttons above. If you plan on using just the Cause Gateway (and having customers fill out their information on your site), use the “Cause Gateway Plugin”. To allow Cause Mobile users to pay using their Cause accounts, use the “Cause Mobile Wallet Plugin”.
    2. Unzip and ftp the directory to the plugins folder or Upload the .zip file using the Plugins upload tool. Once installed, you will be able to update the plugin through your plugin updates option.
    3. Once the Cause Mobile Wallet Payment Gateway and/or Cause Gateway is listed in your plugins list activate it/them.

  • Configure Woocommerce Settings.

    1. Go to Woocommerce >> Settings >> Checkout >> Cause Mobile Wallet
    2. Enable Cause Mobile Wallet and/or Cause Gateway via the checkbox.
    3. For Cause Gateway: Enter your Cause Authorization Token
    4. For Cause Mobile Wallet: Enter your Cause Merchant ID
    5. Save Changes

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